• Fingerprint Sensor
  • Radar Sensor Module
Fingerprint Sensor
FINGERPRINT CARDS AB is the world’s leading biometrics company. based on high reliability of extreme robustness, low power consumption, complete biometric system, FPC provides fingerprint sensor for many global companies forming a partnership. in addition, FPC has a wide product lineup from simple fingerprint sensor to complete package module that has MCU and algorithm.
Don’t hesitate to select FPC fingerprint sensors if you are serious about fingerprint sensors.
Radar Sensor Module
Based on the radar technology of 122GHz high-frequency rage, CAMOS Radar Module is possible to use in various field as a sensor for small and short distance. it features the detection even in the bad environment which is snowy, rainy, thick dust, and fog, and also features super-precise detection within 1mm of error range.  in addition, radar sensor that is a compact module with low power consumption and can be used for small robots, agricultural machines, big trucks and industrial robots. it is possible to make a development from wide products of radar system customers want to radar simple module, so please contact us.