• YEONHO Connector
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YEONHO Connector
YEONHO Electronics is a technology company that has played a crucial role in development of electronics and electrics for 30 years since it was built in 1982. With the continued technical development efforts and eagerness, YEONHO grew as a korea’s representative company in the field of connector parts. As CAMOSTECH is an agency of YEONHO Electronics, it has an array of product line-up of connector and can provide connectors our customers want.
Having a full mastery of precision cutting technology, metal refinery technique, outstanding gear processing technique, rolling of rod, grinding work, and equipment design and development, OHTSUKI supplies customers with high-quality geared products. CAMOSTECH is a agency of OHTSUKI Gear Corporation, so can provide geared motors and BLDC motors as well as super-precision gears. Plus, it is possible to apply different gears to industrial robot, medical instrument, servo, and gear boxes, so please contact CAMOSTECH.