• Mitsubishi TFT LCD
  • Pioneer PM OLED
Mitsubishi TFT LCD
TFT LCD of Mitsubishi Electric is designed and produced for industrial use. Based on the high-reliability and the high-efficiency to be able to endure at the outdoor industrial site, Mitsubishi can provide with the long-term supply, rapid response, the angle of vision, and high-brightness that are requested from industrial TFT Panel.
Natural And Human develops, produces, and supplies TFT LCD Panel and Modules in Korea. As the company that is a domestic manufacturer, it has the advantage of the long-term supply and rapid A/S. It is also possible to deal with the custom for customers’ needs.
Pioneer PM OLED
Pioneer is developing and manufacturing OLED, a new display, to meet the needs of our age. OLED has much outstanding features to be fast in speed of response, have low power consumption, be thin and light, have a wide viewing angle, and bright and clear. PIONEER focuses on research on OLED which consists of thin-film laminated structure to archive the world’s first mass production of OLED in 1997. OLED of PIONEER has been installed on the products, which are the new starting point, also in future, on the basis of the technology built by now, provides a new value of the display .