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As motor technique and customer orientation are a post stone of MIMOTECH, its strength is to smoothly respond to the requests of customers with the basis of the technique built for a long time. Products developed by MIMOTECH are manufactured with the spirit of quality first, under CAMOSTECH’s instruction at the site of production which it cooperates with and comply with ROHS. according to these standards of MIMOTECH, CAMOSTECH is providing motors to meet customers’ needs. anytime, when there are motors you want, please contact CAMOSTECH.
based on the industrial jewelry process, NAMIKI fuses state-of-the-art technology into “cutting, grinding, and polishing” unique technology and provides industrial jewelry parts, optical communication parts, DC coreless motor, and so on., from getting materials to processing them to the field of semiconductor, communication, iatrochemistry, precision devices, and IoT. industrial jewelry parts and optical communication parts, DC Coreless parts, motor units, etc., are specialized for super-compact parts and particular NAMIKI motor specializing in Brushless and Coreless has renovated manufacturing motors that are the smallest under 1.0Ø for compact endoscope in the world, and manufactures Diaphragm Liquid/Air Pump being applied to incubation systems, fuel cell systems, and etc.
Power Motor
As a specialized manufacturer of AC / DC general-purpose motors, POWER MOTOR employs 1,800 staff and more than 100 employees of them are engineers in R&D. it has widely been applying high-quality motors to domestic appliances, vehicles, electrically-drive tools, automated instruments, and medical equipment since it was built in 2001 archiving fast growth with high-level of ability to produce, POWER MOTOR is earning a high reputation in the markets home and abroad, and makes it a rule to put service-based and quality first. in addition, it has a completed manufacture facility for making high-quality motors as well as manufactures with meeting the standards of ISO / TS 16949, ISO9001 : 2008 and ISO14001 : 2004. based on strict quality management system and great technology support, we will promise the best support.
WINSON that was built in 1983 is a manufacturer that produces DC motor first in china, and features reasonable prices and customizing for customers. WINSON motors are being applied to widely robot and heavy-usage, and devotes all their energy to developing motor technology of ultra-low current and long life. I’d appreciate if you seriously consider WINSON motors that continuously tries to supply the products customers want.